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Kingston Community Partnership

After the launch of the Community Plan in April 2017 the Steering Group (CPSG) has been transformed into an umbrella group named Kingston St Mary Community Partnership (KCP).
The KCP's main aims are to implement the action points from the Community Plan, to monitor and review progress on the Plan and to encourage, support and connect the various community groups established under the CPSG.
The KCP works with the KSM Parish Council, Taunton Dean Borough Council and neighbouring community groups. It's run by and for volunteers in Kingston St Mary.

Meeting KCP Update 2018 - March 2018

The KCP will present an update of the implementation of the 2017 Community Plan's recommendations on Thursday 15 March, 19.00, in Kingston Village Hall.

The following groups bring will bring you up to speed:
- The Community Assistance Group
- The Environment group
- KAPACC - Kingston Area Pedestrian and Cycling Campaign
- The Broadband Group
- The Youth Club
- The Traffic & Speed Watch Group

Why Should You Come Along?
The evening will give you the chance to be updated on all the activity that has been going on and the activities planned, following the feedback you gave in the residents' survey. There will also be an update from the Playing Field Committee.
It will give you another opportunity to have your say on the community aspects of your village, and you may even be tempted to become involved yourselves in some way!

Current state of affairs - December 2017

Here is our first update of what has been happening in the community groups.
Environment: Thank you to volunteers who took part in the village litter pick on Sunday 26 November. We collected 17 bags of litter, mainly drink cans, plastic bottles, wrappings and various bits of cars and some unusual items such as a lump hammer, large kitchen knife (!) and a conch shell. Dodhill was especially bad for fly-tipping. Next litter pick: February 2018.

Traffic, and pedestrian/cycle safety: In November, members of KAPACC (Kingston Area Pedestrian and Cycling Campaign) spent time meeting with the promoters and highways design team for the North Taunton development to look at ways that cycling and pedestrian provision can be improved within the development, as well as connections to the existing Taunton cycle network. Talks were positive, but outcomes depend on TDBC planning taking our requests on to the next stage. With the support of the Parish Council we're working to achieve a 20mph speed limit within parts of the village and 40mph along the Kingston Road.

Community Assistance: This group has applied for a funding grant to establish a "Good Neighbours" scheme, and if the bid is successful the scheme will be introduced during the next 6 months. Many thanks to those who have volunteered to support us.

Footpaths: Ten years ago there were 38 volunteers in Kingston who were the eyes and ears of the footpath maintenance programme - now there are just 4. This is a perfect opportunity for a New Year resolution to get healthy outdoors and help the village at the same time - "adopt" a footpath close to you, and let the footpaths officer know of any problems when you walk.

Youth Group: As well as regular meetings in the Village Hall, our young people have been bowling and on 1st December went ice skating to Tropicana at Weston. Dates for future meetings are 12 & 26 January, 9 & 23 February, 9 & 23 March 2018.

Broadband: The broadband group received confirmation from Gigaclear that roll out of superfast broad band won't happen before the end of 2019. Therefore people should seek other options if they want faster connections. The broadband group can help you with the process - funding for a portable internet router with signal boost is being sought, to allow residents to explore the best solutions for improving broadband speeds in their homes. If the funding bid is successful, this should be available in the spring.

To keep you informed of progress in all of the action areas, a meeting for the village is planned for March 2018. In the meantime if you would like to become involved or need further information, contact details for the Kingston Community Partnership's working groups are available on this web page.
You can also follow the activities of the KCP more closely on Facebook.

Can you help the Community Partnership?

The Kingston Community Partnership consist of several teams to work on each aspect of the Community Plan, and are still seeking more volunteers to look into specific areas of the plan.
Do you have the passion, interest or skills in one or more of these topic areas to help create and present the Plan, and then bring it to life? Join us and make things happen! To sign-up contact one of the working groups.

These are the contacts for the Kingston Community Partnership's working groups.

Working Group Contact Email
Broadband Paolo van der Steenhoven
Business David Stripp
Community Assistance Nicky Perry
Cycling & Pedestrian routes Marion Nieuwenhuizen
Housing David Stripp
Environment Jean Alger-Green
Facilities Sharon Farnham
Traffic David Taylor
(Public) Transport Sarah Hancock
Youth David Stripp

For general inquiries about the Community Partnership's working groups contact David Stripp by or call 01823 451455.
Updated: 4 November 2017

News Archive

April 2017
The CPSG published The Kingston St Mary Community Plan 2017 in April 2017. The Plan shows what residents value about living in Kingston St Mary, and demonstrates how this information underpins recommendations for future activity to support our community. The 2017 Plan was developed by seeking the views of local residents. A series of public meetings were held, 56% of households responded to a ten-part survey, and a detailed draft Community Plan report was subject to consultation during February 2017.
The Full Community Plan Report 2017 containing the results of the household survey and serving as input for the Community Plan was also published in April 2017.

February 2017
The draft of the Kingston St Mary Community Plan 2017 is available for scrutiny. The Plan will be open to comment during February. Observations and any further research will then be incorporated into the final version which will be printed and distributed to all dwellings in the parish in April/May.
A drop-in open morning will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 25 February from 10.30 to 14.00 where members of the Community Plan Steering Group will be available to discuss the Plan, and listen to your feedback on the results of the household survey and the topics covered in the Plan.
These topics are: transport,environment, housing, traffic in the village, facilities, community assistance, safe walking and cycling, broadband and business, and youth activities.
If any of the topics are areas you are knowledgeable about or just interested in and you would like to support one of the working groups to research them further or help to implement actions, please email or call David Stripp on 01823 451455

October 2016
Work on our new Community-led Plan is progressing extremely well. In October the headline results of the 2016 Household Survey were presented to residents at a public meeting in the village hall.
If you missed the meeting, don't worry, you can download a summary report of the results (pdf) and the full presentation (pdf).

September 2016
The Community Plan Steering Group (CPSG) invites the Kingston residents to discuss the results of the household survey and to plan how to take the views of the community forward.
The response rate to the survey was very high, with over 50% of households returning their questionnaire. Data from the household survey, plus the youth survey, will be used to help compile the community-led Parish Plan.
The meeting takes place on Thursday 20 October at 19.30 hours in the Kingston St Mary Village Hall. Please join the CPSG to review the results.

October 2016
On Friday 14 October, 18.30 hours, Kingston St Mary Village Hall, the community youth group are holding another free pizza evening for Year 7s or above from Kingston St Mary, Cheddon Fitzpaine and Broomfield. Pizza night 14 October 2016
We would like to capture your views on the facilities and activities you would like to see being provided for young people of Kingston St Mary, Broomfield and Cheddon Fitzpaine. In return we'll exchange your views for pizza!

August 2016
The response rate to the survey was very high, with 56% of households returning their questionnaire. Data from the household survey, plus the youth survey, will be used to help compile our community-led Parish Plan. High response rate KSM Survey
The CPSG would like to thank the many volunteers who called door-to-door to distribute questionnaires to every house in the parish - a tremendous effort by everyone involved!

As soon as it's technically possible the CPSG will inform the public about the first results.

June 2016
The Community Plan Steering Group are seeking the views of the residents of Kingston St Mary Parish on various aspects of living in the parish.
What do you value and want to protect? What do you think needs to be changed or improved?
Take the KSM Survey
The information from this survey will influence the shape and development of the community parish over the next ten years. The results will feed a new Community-led Plan that will help guide our community and the Parish Council to act for us in looking after our parish in future. It covers issues such as housing, community facilities, access, transport, broadband and IT use, leisure activities, health & welfare, heritage and environment.
It provides the basis for planning and spending across our parish over the next ten to fifteen years. It can also be used as evidence when applying for funding for new projects.
The survey is closed.

June 2016
As part of the work of producing a community-led plan for Kingston parish a lottery grant has been awarded to capture the views of the youth of our parish.
The starting point for this is the Pizza Evening at the Village Hall on 21st June for 10 to 18 year olds of the parish, being organised in conjunction with Somerset Youth & Community Service, to discuss and review the facilities provided, and swap their thoughts for (popular, well known) pizza.
Pizza night 21 June 2016
While the 2011 census shows a slightly above average population of 10-17 year an issue for the young of our parish is that they will attend one of eight secondary schools in the area, travelling independently or in small groups, and there is currently little or no organised group activity held in the parish where they might meet and socialise, should they wish to.

A youth representative sits on the community plan steering group and a working group has been set up which includes other youth representatives. We have been working with the Somerset Youth & Community Service to produce a Youth questionnaire to sit alongside the Household survey that has recently been distributed, in order to gain their views on the facilities available and activities organised for our young people.
The views of the village primary school children will also be captured.
The output from the questionnaires and the discussions will be incorporated within the community-led plan for Kingston to be delivered later in the year, with suggested actions.

April 2016
The Community Plan Steering Group carried out a 'micro' survey of those 50 people present at a public meeting held on 23 March. The aim was to get an idea of some of the topics that need to be addressed in the community planning process, asking what people love and don't like about living in Kingston St Mary, what things they would like to see improved, and concerns for the future of Kingston St Mary.

April 2016

What people love about living in KSM

43% of people in the micro-survey like Kingston because of its LOCATION and SITUATION, being a rural parish, close to open countryside and the Quantock Hills, whilst also being within easy access of Taunton. Residents value peace and quiet, wildlife, nature, fresh air and Kingston's village setting.
Over a quarter of participants value the strong SENSE OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, the friendliness of residents and the wide range of community activities available.
Also important are our village FACILITIES AND SERVICES - the Church, the pub, the school, the village hall and the garage.
People also like the footpath network and the fact that the village is (mostly) dark, without street-lighting.

What people don't like about living in KSM

The biggest area of dissatisfaction is INFRASTRUCTURE, with over a quarter of respondents mentioning poor broadband, pedestrian and cyclist safety and the inadequate bus service.
In joint second place for dislikes are TRAFFIC and VILLAGE FACILITIES. The existing volume and speed of traffic through the village is clearly of concern, mentioned by over a quarter of participants. Equally important is the absence of a shop and cafe and, to a lesser extent, the lack of post office facilities.
Also worth a mention is the quality of the ENVIRONMENT, with a significant minority of people saying they are concerned about litter, fly-tipping, flood and ditch management, weed control, too much street lighting, and bonfires.

What people would like to see improved

Not surprisingly, many of the answers reflect the 'dislikes' stated before.
42% of people want to see improvements to INFRASTRUCTURE, with broadband easily the top of the list. Other things that could work better are public transport, traffic calming measures, pavements, cycle routes and parking.
Secondly, people would like to see improvements to FACILITIES (more use of the Church, upgrades to the village hall and playing field/pavillion, development of a shop and cafe).

Concerns for the future of KSM

The biggest area of concern is the likely increase in traffic volume and speed of vehicles through the village, caused by potential future developments at Hinckley and north Taunton.
Also of concern are urbanisation and development, both within and outside of the parish.

There are more views to come from a consultation of village societies, clubs and groups. All these views will be used to guide the community planning process, the next stage of which is the preparation and planning of the household survey. The survey will focus on the points felt to be most important to you and will be distributed to all homes in the Parish later this year.

March 2016
On 23 March the Community Plan Steering Group presented its proposals for the route to a new Community Plan. In an interactive meeting with the public - with more than 50 attendees - ideas about the way forward were exchanged. Public start of plan process in Kingston St Mary The evening was mostly about assessing things the Kingston St Mary community love and don't like about their parish, what people like to see improved, and what concerns them.
The collected data will serve as input information for the design of a household survey.
Read more about the reasons for, benefits of and road to a new Community Plan by downloading the presentation.

January 2016
The Community Plan Steering Group have done their research and have announced to explain more about the plan process in the KSM Village Hall on Wednesday 23 March, 19.30 hours. Not only clubs & society representatives are being targeted but any individual in the community is welcome to attend.
A survey for all households in the Kingston St Mary Parish is being planned for early summer.

November 2015
Community planning is one of the most important tasks any rural community can undertake. It will inform how the Parish Council invest in our community in terms of services, access, housing, schools, health et cetera. It's also about ongoing matters such as signage, litter, lighting, foot/cycle paths, fitness, play equipment & community facilities. The plan process should bring us closer together, to realise the resources and skills available in the community and take control of our future needs.
The last Community Plan (also know as Parish Plan 2008 (pdf)) was published in 2009.

A new Community Plan is particularly important now, because if the North Taunton (Staplegrove) housing development goes ahead, some of the new properties will fall in Kingston St Mary Parish. Facts & figures KSM This means that the developer(s) will have to contribute towards new infrastructure needed to support the new development or offer community benefits.

This financial contribution is called a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Part of the Levy goes to the Parish. The Parish will then have five years to spend it - it's a case of 'use it or lose it'.
Our share of the Staplegrove CIL could be many thousands of pounds. The Kingston St Mary Parish needs to plan how to spend this to support our community - failing to plan is planning to fail.

A new Community Plan Steering Group has been established with 10 members. Members of the group have been researching how to go about the process, with advice from the Community Council for Somerset. There's the option to progress a Community and/or Neighbourhood Plan.

The Kingston St Mary Parish Council published its Parish Plan in 2009.
According to the Parish Council the plan has been produced to meet:

  • the Parish Council's objective to produce a Design Statement covering future developments and village infrastructure that reflects the views of parishioners, and serves to influence decision makers in the planning process;
  • the Community Council's aim to support the creation of a plan for the development of the rural community in Kingston St Mary, to encompass both its physical and social fabric;
  • the desire of parishioners to build on and supplement the many good things that already exist in the community and so provide everyone who lives in Kingston St Mary with the opportunity to have a better quality of life.

Download the Parish Plan 2008
Download the Parish Plan 2008